Points West Living is one of the fastest growing and most profitable for-profit seniors care providers in Alberta. The Ontario-based company bought up seven Alberta facilities for approximately $100 million and is set to open another four by 2017. Last year, PWL paid six-figure bonuses to its executives who also hold shares in the company.

Yet despite enormous profits, PWL has been increasing its residents’ fees and even asking families to pay for equipment or upgrades to their facilities. The company is also moving to layoff front-line staff, and many of their employees are already working on a casual or part-time basis or have had their hours reduced.

PWL employees have been negotiating for over a year for a fair contract that will value the work they do and protect the quality of care for residents. They are standing up for a fair contract that will harmonize working conditions at various facilities and bring compensation in line with industry standards.

Join us as we call on PWL to stop the layoffs, negotiate a fair contract, protect the quality of care for residents and put people before profits!

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Volume 1 – March 2016
Volume 2 – July 2016

PWL staff are standing up for a fair contract

PWL wants to layoff frontline staff in Cold Lake . . . and hire more management!